The club was founded in 1916 and incorporated in 1919. Membership is open to all licensed amateur radio operators in good standing and anyone who is interested in amateur radio and would like to get a license. Check this site often when a class will be offered.

                                 CQ……CQ…..CQ THE WORLD

Our first big Special Event of our Centennial Year is in the log! January
30th and 31st members assembled at my QTH, sat down and made
a bunch of fun contacts. Most of our operators had little experience with
HF and, despite poor band conditions, all did a great job pulling in and logging contacts from the U.S., France, Canada, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Japan
and Barbados. Our operation truly had an International flavor, but, what stood
out was the way everyone handled themselves on the microphone and that we all
had some fun. My personal thanks go to  Michele (KK6KPW), John (KB6KN),
Philip (W6LAS), Richard (KJ6PTX), Alan (KI6QWY), Dave (WA6UHA) and
Looking ahead we welcome Ed Muns (W0YX) to our February meeting.
He will share with us some basics of RTTY communications. Ed is an
excellent presenter and you’ll want to meet him.
For those of us who are “DXers” remember that the annual International
DX Convention is coming up April 15-17, 2016. This will be my 10th consecutive
IDXC and it never seems to grow old. I always meet new and fascinating
people there from around the world and local. Check it out!
Our last received report is that Ernie (KI6ODG) is recovering in St. Luke’s
Hospital having gone through a number of procedures and setbacks. Contact
me if you’d like to give him a call of support and, certainly if you are so inclined
keep him in your prayers.
I’ll see everyone on the 19th.

73 de Tony  K6BV


Health & Welfare Update (1/5) 
One of our club members is going through some serious heath challenges and would like to start a dialogue has he continues with his treatment.
In other news, Wayne Mitchell, K6VPN is now a silent key. Known to his friends as Mitch, he assisted the club in two instances with our Twin Peaks repeater installation and antenna upgrade.

Click the HEALTH WELFARE link or here for details.                   

The Membership Application for 2016 now on line (12/29)
It is now time to renew your membership for 2016. The application is now available for download in pdf format by clicking here or via the menu on the left.

An update on the club by-laws is now available (12/29)
After a lot of hard work, the latest update has been completed on the club bylaws. It is now available here or via the menu on the left.

Holiday party 2015 photo highlights are now on line (12/21)
Fifty attendees had a great time at the Basque Cultural Center. Check the time line retro page. Click here.



They are spectacular.  Help celebrate the club's Centennial by owning one of these limited edition collectibles. Sale price of $10 includes a protective plastic sleeve. For now the SFRC Coin is only available at our meetings and at the holiday party while supply lasts. 
73 de,
Tony K6BV

Our new Yaesu DR-1X Analog FM/Digital Fusion repeater is now in full operation at the V.A. Medical Center. Program your radios for 444.225 +5 offset and PL 114.8. Signal reports are welcomed. Enjoy.

If you are a club member and you have something that is amateur radio related for sale or you are looking for something, the CLASSIFIED page is now on line. Click here or the CLASSIFIEDS link for details. Items for sale now available for viewing.