This ARRL affiliated club was founded in 1916 and incorporated in 1919. Membership is open to all licensed amateur radio operators in good standing and anyone who is interested in amateur radio and would like to get a license.

A Special Headliner

CQ…CQ…Guess who?!
Hi everyone.  I am feeling much better these days and miss being in contact with you. I, certainly, miss the meetings and activities. In case you are interested, I had a nasty accident on December 9th, 2014. I had been checking the guying for my new GAP trapped vertical before an impending storm. As I began my decent from the roof the bottom two rungs of my aluminum ladder buckled and fell away from me.  Well, I quickly found out how fast a body can fall. Hitting my upper deck railing I landed on top of the concrete foundation of my antenna tower.  It was almost immediately evident  that I was not going to be able to move after that. A neighbor heard my cries for help and summoned an ambulance which took me to S.F. General. There I received the best possible care I could have hoped to have. The damage: all my ribs (front & back) on my right side were broken, sliced into my diaphragm, liver, and lung damage. They tell me that during treatment I “flat-lined” twice. Yes, a scary time in this man’s life, but, I AM STILL HERE! K6BV is healing much quicker than many people expected and my attitude is great. This is possible, in part, to all of the love and support I have received from you all. I cannot thank you enough for reaching out and letting me know you care! Some say the moral to this story is that I should not have been up on my roof alone. TRUE. Take a lesson from me and never do this type of work alone. However, after examining the details of the equipment failure, it would have not made much of a difference in preventing the accident. I would have fallen no matter what. Still, I learned my lesson and discovered how blessed I am to have
all of you in my life. Thank you.

I have been keeping myself involved in club activities via phone and email. It is easy to realize that we have a very strong Board of Directors this year. SFRC is getting a lot done as we prepare for our big anniversary year in 2016. W6PW will soon have a brand new repeater.  Taking advantage of a promotion, we have purchased a brand new state-of-the-art Yaesu DR-1 repeater! The projected arrival is mid-May with hopes of having it in service by Field Day. It’s high time for us as we bring SFRC into the 21st Century.

Many members are wondering about the V.A. Radio Shack. Here is the status as of March 12th, 2015. Repairs are still on schedule for the antenna and rotator. The repair company is awaiting some parts before finalizing efforts to correct existing damage. Upon completion,  we will be active once more and burning up the airwaves for many years to come.

Our Board of Directors and Officers are busy with plans for next year and our year-long celebration of SFRC’s 100th Anniversary.  We need your help to make it the best ever. Your ideas and participation are important, so, let us know what you have in mind.
Tony K6BV

In Other News

If you have not already taken the few minutes needed to complete the club survey and questionnaire, please consider doing it now.

The previous notice I sent said the survey would be anonymous.  I was quickly told to look at the first question asked - your call sign.  It turns out only one person will see your call sign, Antonis Papatasaras AA6PP.  

He wants you to be assured he will keep your identity private.

Antonis will provide the Board with the information only and no call signs. We are hoping to have mre completed surveys before this Friday's Board and Club meeting. Click here for details on the program for the general meeting.

Your continued membership and participation in club activities is important and appreciated.


Peter AA6SF