Held every third Friday monthly except in December at the Veteran's Administration Medical  Center auditorium  at 42nd Ave &  Clement Street San Francisco at 7:30 PM. See the the regional map and the V.A. complex map below. Clement Street is located in the lower right section of the lower map and runs left-right (west-east). The entrance to the V.A. at Building 7 is shown at the upper left hand corner in the lower graphic. Upon entering the building, go left and then right to the elevator. Exit the elevator on the first floor and go left. The auditorium is down the hall to your right opposite the windows.

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April 18th

“Sky” (Jim Schuyler)
Internet security update 7:30pm


May 16th


------------------------------------ June 20th

Dean Straw, N6BV will return with a new talk on HF radio sport and Field Day operating techniques.