Our open high level two meter FM analog machine is located on Twin Peaks in the geographic center of San Francisco. W6PW/R operates on 145.150 mhz with a -600 khz offset and a PL 114.8hz. The same frequency PL tone is also generated and  transmitted by the repeater for users of the machine who have tone decoding capability. This will eliminate co-channel chatter from blaring out of your speaker when the repeater is not in use.

In operation and in a testing phase is our new Yeasu analog/digital Fusion UHF 70 cm repeater installed at the V.A.

Our open D-Star 2 meter, 70 cm, 23 cm digital voice and data system is located at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center San Francisco. W6PW-C is on 147.105 +600khz offset. With the gateway now enabled, world wide communication is now possible. Via the gateway, W6PW-C is connected to reflector 14C. W6PW-B is on 444.1625 + 5mhz offset. W6PW-A is on 1284.600 - 12mhz offset. The W6PW-AD 128kbs data system is on 1251.000mhz simplex. You will need a D-star enabled radio to use the repeaters.