Club Time Line

Excluding Future Regular Meetings

June 23-24

This year it will be taking place near S.F. V.A. property. Your chairman is Bob Peterson He is looking for your assistance.

The actual site for the June 23-24th event is at Ft. Miley West, which is located on the western end of the V.A. campus. The area is an old bunker which has a great grassy area to set up camp. For the first time in a while we will employ an emergency van as a base of operations. We will be the first to use the V.A.’s brand new Emergency Vehicle, which is a self-contained beauty. More details will be available on the web site and at our next meeting. Since we are so close to the event, we’d like to hear from you now if you plan to operate that weekend, and how you can help (set-up, breakdown, gear, etc.). Setup on Saturday will start at approximately 6:30am.