Formal Club Net

It takes place every Monday evening at 8 on the 2 meter club repeater on 145.15 mhz -600hz off set PL 114.8. All friends of the club are welcome. You do not have to be a member to participate. Net control is rotated with David Dull KK6JKC (net manager), Bob Peterson, KG6QDK, John Gates KB6KM, Antonis Papatsaras AA6PP, Nick Powell NF1P, Melissa Juedemann KK6VWG and Diana Lum, KG6IOH.

David Dull's recruitment of additional net control operators has been very successful. However if you are a current club member and interested in becoming a net control, contact him at:

20 Meter HF Club QSO Group Roundtable

It takes place every Saturday morning at 9 on 14.328 (+/-) hosted by Jim Sanders KW6L.