Photo Highlights

Christmas Eve 2003



The table in back that is normally used by the group was overflowing this morning

The regulars were having fun with the additional participation

Our club prez George sweetening up that coffee just a bit. Merlin is just happy to be there

Tony, Connie and Sedona Jim listen intensively 

Sedona Jim and Vince "Pals Forever". It doesn't get any better than this.

American Canyon Dave drives the furthest to smile for the camera

With a total of 16 participating our regular booth could not handle the load and provisions were made

Chris just made it.

What's unusual about this picture? That's easy to figure out. Alan showing up. What a surprise...and that hat!!.. mmm

Something the BB regulars never see is what is called "a menu". I guess George is not a regular. How many of the BB regulars knew that the menu was yellow in color??


A good time was had by all. Looking forward to another gathering on New Year's Eve 2003 before Jim KK6SD heads back to Sedona

Photos courtesy of WA6DDM & WA6UHA